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Quality Electroplating From Start to Finish

With an Emphasis on Zinc Die Cast

Quality Electroplating - hard/soft, Electroless and Immersion Gold plating-bright/dull Silver plating-Electroless/bright/dull and Sulfamate Nickel- passivate-bright and dull acid tin plating-zinc plating. We specialize in barrel electroplating of miniature and precision parts. Also, rack plating is available on most finishes.



Specialized plating of Gold, Nickel, Silver, Tin, Copper, Zinc and Chromate.


Barrel and Rack Plating on miniature to medium size parts.


Your parts can be plated to all military, ASTM and Custom Specifications.


High quality prototypes through high volume with short to very short lead times.

What people think of Sterling Plating

We were making a medical part that was a crucial component in an Insulin Pen. When we started the project over ten years ago we began the design process using different materials….Zinc Diecast, Brass and Copper. Weight of the part was vital along with a smooth finish. After failing with every material we tried, Sterling Plating suggested using Aluminum giving us a light weight part with an extremely smooth finish at a very reduced cost since there is hours of maching to make this part out of solid aluminum. Sterling Plating came up with a solid repeatable process of Zincating then adding Electroless Nickel and then Gold to the parts with a ZERO reject rate over the ten years of the project.

Our Mexico facility was having issues with brazing on Nickel Plated Steel. Sterling Plating was able to plate the Dull Nickel (with no copper) directly on the Steel Discs, allowing our Mexico Facility to reduce brazing problems and the amount of Silver used in the Brazing process therefore reducing costs and increasing production…..

Having a large plater in the Midwest try to plate our very small cellular phone screws was not a good idea nor having them finish the screws with a Trivalent Black Chromate either. Sterling was able to cut our rejection rate to our customer by 100% and keep the Trivalent Black Chromate from flaking off and keeping the screws at a consistent shade of black…….then when our customer wanted to increase the Salt Spray hours, Sterling Plating was able to add a Sealer to the Black Chromate which then met our customers specifications.

We were launching a new product line that allowed us to significantly add more options in colors and finishes for our customers, however we were having production problems with Zincating the aluminum in regards to adhesion and blisters. Sterling Plating came up with a process that allowed us to have them plate copper over the part and then giving us the opportunity to plate or paint any color we wanted. Currently we have produced more that 45 million parts with this process.

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